Xseller8 Platorm

The Xseller Platform provides you and your team with the capability of running campaigns for your sales team when and where required. We simply provide you with the tools and the know-how to let you develop your leads.

Step 1

Onboarding Program:

Our on boarding is designed to be a light touch, we will go through the platform and process to ensure your team are fully informed and aware of our lead generation process

Step 2

Sales & Marketing Support:

We will assist your team with the campaign fundamentals, such as messaging, sales & marketing materials required to utilise this outbound lead generation service. You will receive on-going support as required to ensure we make process as effective and seamless as possible

Step 3

Management, Measurement & Metrics:

Full access to the dedicated lead management portal and the Key Performance Indicators will allow you to remain in control at all times. Achieve a holistic view of all your sales engagements, providing key insights and clear action plans to enhance the sales and sales management process.

Program Outcomes:

  • Provide an effective outbound lead generation capability across your entire sales team
  • Provide a fully-integrated, repeatable sales and marketing approach
  • Implements lead nurturing programs that create awareness and drives revenue
  • Focuses efforts on qualified leads to reduce wasted time and increase ROI
  • The development of a strategy to achieve to position the Outbound service.
  • A build-out of target markets and personas.
  • Consistent monitoring of messaging.
  • Optional program add-on: Content

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