Outbound Lead Generation

We offer a range of bespoke services designed to fit in with your business at whatever stage it is at. Our services can be fully integrated with any existing marketing strategy to suit your business needs.

Xseller8 Connect

A powerful awareness package

Our Connect service allows you to Develop your business network through increased LinkedIn Connections, getting a personal message to potential clients and achieve relevant engagement with your target market. The process is completely transparent, you can actually see the results! Our service can be fully integrated into any existing marketing system.
  • Saved Searches specified to your needs
  • Personalised Invites
  • Profile Viewing / Who’s viewed your profile
  • Xseller8 reporting

Xseller8 Prospect

Everything in Connect plus a powerful relationship builder

As well as everything in Connect, this service also provides tailored one to one messaging directly to your target audience from your LinkedIn profile. Establishing strong meaningful business relationships that can then be used to strengthen your brand and increase sales. We use a ‘give to get’ methodology. We first ‘give’ the contact some meaningful thought leadership content such as, a white paper or an informational video – content that is useful to them and that they will be happy to receive. This helps to build the relationship and allow it to move to the next level. When you then reach out to ‘get’ the call or the appointment, the contact is more likely to respond.

  • Business relevant Connections
  • Personalised regular messaging
  • Lead Generation/Nurturing
  • Xseller8 reporting

Xseller8 Engage

The power of a marketing department at your fingertips

Our Engage service gives you everything from our Prospect and Connect services. As well as this you will get the power of having your own marketing team, without any of the drawbacks. This service is completely tailored to your needs and can fit in with any existing marketing strategy. You can pick and choose marketing activities that suit your needs including specialised social media campaign management, business-related blogging, email campaign management, brand management etc. For more information contact us today.

  • LinkedIn Networking / Lead Nurturing
  • Business-related blogging
  • Regular, consistent social posting
  • Xseller8  Marketing Platform reporting

Xseller8 talent

Once our campaigns begin, you’ll probably start receiving inquiries from both your targeted leads and other potential applicants in your extended network. Our staff will qualify these responses according to our lead funnel and only hand you qualified and interested candidates. Then, it is your job to pick up the phone. schedule the interview, and make the offer!

  • Business Awareness
  • Value Consideration
  • Competition Evaluation
  • Xseller8 Marketing Platform

Xseller8 Learning

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn to secure new clients, establish yourself as a thought leader, and grow your business.
Our training is designed for you to understand the actions that are required to raise your LinkedIn presence, increase the impact you have on your network, and use LinkedIn as a means of securing new business.
We created this course to close the knowledge gap in professional circles regarding the power of networking on LinkedIn.

Throughout this training, we’re into the;

Four P’s of LinkedIn

  • Profile – Develop a world-class profile that demonstrates the value you bring
  • Presence – Understand how to engage with your audience in a meaningful way
  • Pipeline – Learn the secrets of using LinkedIn to fill your pipeline
  • Persona – Spend time engaging with those people likely to benefit most from what you do

PROFILE– profile picture, profile picture, banner, LinkedIn banner, keywords, headline, about section, experience, education.
PRESENCE – Personal Connections, Interest & Relevance, Engagement Probability
PIPELINE & PERSONA – Sales Navigator, Saved Leads, Saved Lists, Saved Searches, Proactive engagement

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