Jabra, a global brand with a serious passion for sound. Thanks to our expertise in consumer, professional and medical audio technology, our passion is backed up by unrivaled knowledge of the human ear. We’re in the business of helping you hear what you want to hear – from letting the right sound in, to filtering disruptive noise out – but our products are about so much more than that, packed with intuitive features to make life sound better.


We’re the only company in the world to combine consumer, professional, and medical grade sound under one roof, and it’s this combined expertise that allows us to create the intuitive solutions Jabra is so well-known for.


For Jabra, form reflects function. By understanding your needs, whether that’s the best sound for calls and music or enhanced features for concentration and collaboration, we think about what you want, and how you’ll use it. Our headphones and headsets are the perfect sound solutions for the office, the commute, the gym, or being out in the elements – whatever you need, wherever you need it, we have world-class products to meet your demands.

“Jabra has been engaged with Xsell Team since 2017 and they provide us with demand generation support on the LinkedIn platform. We work together every quarter to raise Jabra’s brand awareness and individual team members' presence, as well as developing new connections and growing existing ones. Xsell is now an important part of Jabra’s online activities across Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland and we’ve been able to successfully grow our business in these territories because of the activity we do with them. David, Denise, and Leona are integral to the superb working relationship we have with Xsell and they always provide 100% commitment to the Jabra account and our quarterly focused activities, adding value all of the time.”
John Nesbitt
Territory Director, Ireland and Scotland