Guide to LinkedIn Posting

LinkedIn provides a great platform for its members to share their professional expertise, experiences, and anecdotes with their connections and people who aren’t within their network.

In business, relationships matter, and in these challenging times they matter more than ever. People tune out of irrelevant or promotional messages but will engage with companies that focus on sharing useful and relevant content. The companies that inform and engage are not just selling — they’re building relationships.

I have put together a few valuable tips on how you can create effective LinkedIn content that will transform your posts.


To build relationships and trust, you need to be able to communicate in a genuine and human way. Writing and sharing posts with your readers in-mind and avoiding too much self-promotion will help you build connections and relationships with target customers and prospects. People on the world’s largest platform for professionals are not expecting (and often are pleasantly surprised by) personal content. You need to find the sweet spot of mixing in real, authentic, and personal stories or experiences, through which you can incorporate business and/or life lessons. 


Posts with photos and videos will perform better across all social media platforms. The same holds true for LinkedIn. People browse fast and efficiently on LinkedIn, so posting your latest blog post and expecting 1000’s clicks, and a dozen shares just isn’t realistic. Video content is dominating LinkedIn because it’s often short and concise. Short, easily digestible videos are great for conveying a ton of information in less time and effort than reading a long post.  (Top Tip – I’m not talking about highly edited, corporate content, the video capabilities of your iPhone are more than sufficient to create quality, personalised content)


It’s vital to have the right balance with how much you upload. Every social network plays around with their news feed or timeline and therefore it’s a good idea to understand the algorithm. LinkedIn is no different, LinkedIn uses several parameters to decide what posts are shared and displayed on people’s timelines. (Top Tip – If you post average content, too frequently, your audience may not engage, if LinkedIn sees this it won’t share ‘ANY’ content with that audience moving forward)

The best times to post is on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, early mornings, or late afternoons to get the most traction on your post. (Top Tip traffic on LinkedIn reduces on the weekends, so a good intriguing post could have its impact reduced if the audience don’t get a chance to see it.)

 Write Better Content Directly on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a jealous platform, keeping people on the platform itself is important to LinkedIn so it will share native content first and most often. Want real engagement? Stop sharing links that 99 percent of your audience will not get a chance to see. Instead, take advantage of LinkedIn’s fantastic native content system. Using the native article feature on LinkedIn, every time you publish a piece your connections get a notification, giving you that extra chance to get more engagement than organically posting on your feed. It’s natural to want to share your existing, great content you may have on YouTube or your own website, in these cases why not simply repurpose this content and utilise LinkedIn to turbo charge your engagement.


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